Sunday, July 30, 2006



After a slight where did the stitch go...I restarted and this is as far as I got before it got to dark to take pictures. Even with the re-do, I still love this sock

Warning!! It's Summer and Socks are hiding in Sprite's drawer...

Today, as I, the non kniter join my sock loving, knitting friends in Sunday worship of thier colorful and creative socks, I find all of my socks over crowded but neatly folded in their little sock drawer, wondering if I'll ever wear them.

I try to not be overcome with sock envy, for I know any type of envy is unworthy of proper brain cell function. As I wipe up the drool from the corner of my mouth, eyeballing all the creative colors of my new found friends socks, I wonder, "Where do they live? Are the breaking and entering laws in their state bad? There is a chance I might not get caught stealing these delightful warm and cozy socks even if it's too hot to wear them where I live."


Tiny Socks!

Mini socks for Geocaching. (Posed on a folded sheet of printer paper.) These will hopefully be deposited along the road from NYC to Kentucky. At some point, probably in New Jersey, they will have a "Z" added to each cuff to identify them as belonging to "Z's Team."

If you cache, look for our socks! If you want to see what they were up to while being knit, check out the blog.


Sara's Sunday Sock...

My Sunday Sock decided to take a trip out to the back yard to see what we have been up to since there certainly has been no knitting on it. She is feeling really badly especially since her mate has been finished for several months...



Yeah, we are turning her in to the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Socks... She can run, but she can't hide. This morning in the heat and humidity she had the nerve to take us to the laundromat. We were very excited when she put us in this cool new bag, little did we know what was in store for us.

A bit of heat as she loaded us into the car for the ride in, but soon the AC was on and we were feeling fine. Next thing we knew she was dragging us into the gates of hell aka the laundromat. Ceiling fans schmeiling fans, all they were doing was moving around the hot air, and not very well. We peeked out of the bag to see what she was up to and watched her dragging in mountains of laundry--there was a can of diet Sunkist soda to snuggle up to, that was at least a little relief from the heat.

Once the laundry was underway she returned to us. We pressed ourselves up to the side of the bag hoping to hide from her hot little clutches. She reached in and pulled out our pal diet soda and his date peanut butter crackers and we watched in horror as she sipped on one and crunched on the other. DOES THIS WOMAN HAVE NO SHAME!?!?!?

It must have been too hot for her to put her grubby little hands in the bad to take us out--whew, breathing a sigh of relief. It didn't help the terror we felt as we saw another pair of handknitted socks tumbling around in the dryer...


Thursday, July 27, 2006



oh - not only am I late...
I haven't even managed to take a photo of mu current on-needle socks!
Perhaps I can distract you with these beauties...

These are Mizar - from Anna Zilboorg's 2nd edition of Socks for sandals and clogs worked in worsted weight yarn (hooray for superfast socks :D)

I fully intend to post sock-in-progress photos sometime soon. Really. Just don't shoot me ;)

Monday, July 24, 2006


Thanks Sunday Sock posters....

If you posted to here, or you posted to your own blog..thanks for participating this week. If you post your sock photo on a Tuesday or a Wednesday you will be shot at dawn for missing the deadline.

Heh Heh Heh...just whenever you have some sock bits and pieces you can't wait to post.


Sunday, July 23, 2006


Just Barely Socks

Between frogging and a wonderful 16th birthday celebration, I have little to show. The original idea was driving me crazy so I went back to my old standby pattern.
Needles: Crystal Palace 2 dpns
Yarn: My yarn I got from my Dye-O-Rama pal. I call it Berry Mouth because it reminds me of what lips and tongues look like after a day in the berry patch


I didn't even get a t-shirt!

These socks were a bit too mature to attend the festivities on Saturday night. With just a few rows short of completion I decide that I didn't want to take these along and have them lost or injured. I did buy them a Journey's Greatest Hits CD to listen to today while I finished things up.

Pattern: Spiral Rib Toe Up Sock
Two socks on one circular needle: Size 2 (I started with dpns
Yarn: Cabin Cove Mercantile


I am so glad Ann and Cookie created this ring. This is my giftee sock in my unblooming Peruvian Nightshade plant. This was taken in my front yard overlooking the D driveway. I also tried to get some of our Carolina Blue sky but it didn't come out the greatest.


Rock on socks...

Yeah..what's not to love? Details on my regular blog.


Squid Socks

Am I doing this right? Below is the sock progress for this past week.

On the left are my "Child's French Sock" from Vintage Socks. On the right, the current "plain" sockette using "test" dye-o-rama yarn. I seem to have made the first one a bit small for my foot so these may be gifted or I may have to lengthen the first one. I have to think about it.

Happy Socking!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


It's still Sunday for another 20 minutes in the cornfields...

I promise, the socks will be doing something much more adventurous next Sunday...but it's almost midnight and dark outside.

Sunday Socks debuts...7/16/06!



One should never leave Cookie and I alone to think up stuff!

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