Sunday, July 30, 2006



Yeah, we are turning her in to the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Socks... She can run, but she can't hide. This morning in the heat and humidity she had the nerve to take us to the laundromat. We were very excited when she put us in this cool new bag, little did we know what was in store for us.

A bit of heat as she loaded us into the car for the ride in, but soon the AC was on and we were feeling fine. Next thing we knew she was dragging us into the gates of hell aka the laundromat. Ceiling fans schmeiling fans, all they were doing was moving around the hot air, and not very well. We peeked out of the bag to see what she was up to and watched her dragging in mountains of laundry--there was a can of diet Sunkist soda to snuggle up to, that was at least a little relief from the heat.

Once the laundry was underway she returned to us. We pressed ourselves up to the side of the bag hoping to hide from her hot little clutches. She reached in and pulled out our pal diet soda and his date peanut butter crackers and we watched in horror as she sipped on one and crunched on the other. DOES THIS WOMAN HAVE NO SHAME!?!?!?

It must have been too hot for her to put her grubby little hands in the bad to take us out--whew, breathing a sigh of relief. It didn't help the terror we felt as we saw another pair of handknitted socks tumbling around in the dryer...


Excellent post! LMAO!!!
Tooo fun! Well, not for the frightened socks LOL. I made my sock read the post so it would quit griping at me cause I put it up to work on something else. It's quiet now, and feeling quite lucky.
Oh, yes! She must be reported at once for the cruelty of socks!! The poor little guys must have been frightened to death! And heat exposure?! Ohmigoodness. For the love of could she??? Btw... those are way cool colors. *grins*
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