Sunday, August 06, 2006


A better week...

I'm growing. She seems to be paying more attention to me when she realizes that she is going to be posting a progress photo. Bitchin' Mittens--ha! I seem to have gotten her attention for a few hours this week. I am still a bit miffed that I didn't get to go with her to Columbus for the yarn crawl. Too complicated to take along for mindless knitting time..blah blah blah. I heard from the hat that she didn't even knit a stitch. I was content to stay home, and not be in that hot vehicle all day while she wandered about flashing the VISA.

There was a meeting this week with all of the other resident socks. They are a bit pissed off that they just had intermittent starring roles online, while there is an entire blog dedicated to my development...whiners, all of them. I promised them a photo op to show them to the world.

There have been rumors that I may end up being a Christmas gift. The Florida Sunrise socks told me not to be too concerned, she seems to have separation anxiety when it comes to "HER" socks. I may be tucked into the sock drawer with the rest of them. She can be such a bitch you know, but she's mine and I love her. (Or I have to say that or I will end up on some UFO pile--)


We don't want that happening now do we?

Too, too funny! Love do have a good time with this...way too good a time... :)
I love them all!!!!
Hmmmm... I find myself thinking, "Where does she live??" *grins* Too, cute, way funny... and I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE the colors on your new fancy pants socks!!
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