Wednesday, August 16, 2006


In a Sprite Flurry and forgot my Socks!

How DARE me be in such a blonde state that I forget to post my socks that I don't have with me at the moment? That's just plain rude!!

I need help from all of you girls that know Paul, if you'd be so kind as to do so, please? I'm in the process of putting together a care package for him... and I'd love to have some knitting suggestions to add to it. Yarn ideas, things he might need or would like that he wouldn't normally go out and get himself. Patterns, what ever, which ever... fill my mind with oodles and oodles of ideas, please? Pretty please???

*evil grins*

Ok... just give me the dang info and on the double please! *laughs*

Truly... any insight you can give me to help make his care package fun for him will be greatly, ever so greatly, appreciated.


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