Sunday, August 13, 2006


not much, that's for sure

This is the very beginning of the second sock. Didn't get to work on it this week and had planned on some significant Sunday knitting but I got clunked in the nose so I had a headache and figured I would just screw it up. Changed plans and started a warshcloth. It would probably be easier on longer needles LOL but this works. AND you must see the nifty needle holder that my Favorite Color Pal, Ann, sent me. Those green caps are connected by an elastic thingy so all the needles fit inside and no way are any stitches going to fall off. And that's just one of the many fun things she gifted me with, including *Dave* yarn!


How great that Ann had you for the Color Swap...I am wondering who has me...And, have been working on my pal's package this week.

Looks like you got some really cool stuff...

The colorway on those socks is nice...and the bib is so cute.
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