Sunday, August 06, 2006


Sprite's nonsense socks for my niece

I tried to knit, but discovered my knitting needles were backwards and I needed something... nutty, silly to top off my youngest niece's care package. (a great kid)

So, like the good Aunt I am, I bought her a delightfully goofy pair of socks that she'll never wear but will make her laugh and she'll show everyone what her dorky Aunt from California sent her. Well... she might wear them around the dorm room. lol

Keeping up straight A's is challenge enough... I like to make sure the kids remember to smile.

Oh Sprite, those are too funny! I love those rabbit tshirts but hadn't seen the socks.
Those socks are so cute!!!
Thanks Susan and Sara... I love sending my nices and nephews care packages at college... and me being me, I always have to through in something totally goofy and perfectly useless.. lol
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