Sunday, August 27, 2006


A trial separation...

Finally I have gotten past the ribbing at the top of these socks. I kept measuring and measuring and I had more than the required sets of the pattern stitch but the socks were not growing at the rate they needed to. I think probably because my yarn is a lighter weight than the pattern called for. Finally I said enough is enough and started working on the heel flap/gusset area. What a mess this was. All went ok went knitting the flap, but trying to figure out how to pick up stitches when both of these socks were on one long circular needle began to get frustrating. So I pulled out my new set of Knit Picks #2 dpns and my oh my do I love using those needles. I need to get an order in for a second set. For now I have one sock on my standby bamboo and the other on the metal needles.

I am not sure if I will keep these separated until I reach the toe, but for now this seems like a much easier plan of attack.

I'm shifting into scarf mode, we'll see how much progress I make before next Sunday.




NICE color you are working with. I've finally gotten some distance on my Pumpkin Patch Socks. I'm nearing the toes.
They are here:
I recognize the pattern (Fluted Banister...also shown in Nancy Bush's Vintage sock book with an extra stitch in each set) but the yarn eludes me. It is absolutely heavenly...can you disclose?

Great socks, my favorite pattern. They ALWAYS stay up!
I love these colors!

The yarn is my own hand-dyed yarn using that very expensive dye..KOOL-AID. It was part of the yarn that I dyed for the dye-o-rama swap.
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