Sunday, September 10, 2006


OS is for

Oh, sh.. well, not finished. I'm knitting a sock for Second Sock Syndrome Swap but I seem to be doing as much tinking as knitting. It's a 4 round pattern, rounds 2 and 4 are knit, round 3 is the same as round 1 except it shifts the start. I have no problems knitting round 1 but those exact same stitches in round 3 keep kicking my butt! I have just once again gotten to the end of round 3 to find the stitch count is short. I verified rounds 1 and 2 as accurate and I've reknit this round 3 twice now. Stitches seem to be accurate but one stitch short. Grrrr. I'm leaving it for weekday knitting only because I'm alone in the house then. Obviously, I can't knit this with any kind of distraction around.

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