Sunday, September 17, 2006


Socks for Red Dirt Knitter

I tried to get a clear picture of our red clay for Red Dirt Knitter. It didn't work out, the colors are very washed out. The socks for instance are really a grey and lavender, the dirt is very red. Oh well. I did get an interesting picture of an awesome bug and you can see the dirt colors well in that one. I'll post that on my blog. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Hey!!!! I'm using that same yarn in the greenish colorway. I got it just yesterday. You're off to a good start already.
Wow! It's not that the colors are washed's artistic vision. Yep that's it. I think the sock looks striking!

Totally cool yarn and, like Susan, I LOVE the artistic display. The color contrasts are fabulous!
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