Sunday, September 17, 2006


Traveling Socks

Or, Socks On a Train. Yes, these are the same two pairs of socks that I have been showing you for weeks now. The difference is that they both now have heels. (The Dye-O-rama sock gained it's heel after this picture was taken.) They are both coming with me to see the Yarn Harlot in an hour or so. Wheee!

Would you could you on a train? You are going to see the Harlot???? First Susan, and now you!
I think it would be lovely to be on a train and knitting. Of course, I'd probably go to sleep and miss the whole trip *G* I really like these socks.
There's nothing like well traveled socks! How fun that they're experiencing so much of life before they are truly finished being born! Lucky little devils. *grins* I love the colors, too!

*adds these socks to my Swipe these socks cuz I'm not a knitter list* *blue eyed mischievous grin and hugs*
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