Sunday, October 01, 2006


Second Socks

I finished this sock on Saturday morning. I'm not knitting the second one, only because someone else is. I loved knitting it, even if it did give me lots of fits with frequent dropped stitches. I think Magic Loop would prevent that since I was dropping one YO at the end of a dpn about every few rounds.

This sock is my current in progress sock. Again, I am only knitting one of the pair. I received the already knit mate in the mail a few days ago, along with the yarn and needles to make this one, and some sweet goodies to snack on while I knit. I'm very much enjoying this knit as well, even though this sock is not even a fraternal twin to its mate, more like a kissing cousin, I guess. Same yarn, same needles, same pattern but apparently my gauge is much different from that of the knitter who started this pair. This is the sock she knit.

How fun! Are the socks a part of a project, or has someone given you a head start? Love the pattern on the blk and white sock, but both are totally great.
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