Monday, December 18, 2006


Frogged :(

Well, I had been knitting diligently on my Baudelaires, had hit gauge and everything, but the fabric was too loose - I was part way up the leg knitting away, hoping for the best thinking perhaps I might be able to shrink them to size....but the yarn of course is superwash, and the thought of throwing the socks in the washing machine in an attempt to felt them (even though the yarn is superwash) was too daunting. I rechecked my gauge, and things seemed fine, though as I mention, the knitted fabric has quite a bit of give to it - so much give that the sock was a bit loose on me, and then I put it on my husband's foot and it fit him fairly well, but still a little baggy in places. I started tinking back, and after a half hour of that, I tried doing a controlled rip back...and well, the socks are now restarted on smaller needles. *sigh*

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