Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Socks Galore

Currently, I have four socks on the needles. Two of them are mates to two that I have already finished. The other two are the first socks of two pairs that need to be made (is that "two" complicated to follow?). I don't know about you but I feel like I am on Christmas Knitting overload right now.

Every waking minute is either spent knitting socks, thinking about socks or buying more sock yarn. Yesterday, while I was taking my daughter to school I almost ran a red light because I was trying to come up with a fairly simple yet intriguing Fair Isle pattern for the socks I would like to make my mom. Talk about hazardous to your health. Note to self...Focus on driving when driving and focus on knitting when knitting.

I hope all of you worker bees take time to appreciate the Honey every now and again. Hope to read some posts soon?

MarlyKnits (Yarn Thing)

Glad to see you found your login info :D looking forward to seeing some of your socks once they're done :)
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