Monday, October 30, 2006


Socks Finished on Sunday for Socktoberfest :)

I finished these socks yesterday, just in time for the "official" wrapup of Socktoberfest.

Garter Ribbed socks in Sport/DK weight yarn - my own Chaparral colorway :)

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Nasturtiums Done!

Oh my goodness! I'm actually posting on a Sunday - and the socks were just completed :D

Pop over to the Blog for more :) These socks have a secret ;)

I'm now hunting for a sweet toe-up DK yarn pattern, anyone have suggestions? I'd love to do a semi-lacy pair (preferably with a leafy motif) but my brain is too fried to conjure the pattern myself right now.


Really..I do knit socks.

It's been awhile. Actually this is about what they looked like last weekend but I didn't post, so..
Those afghan squares took most of my knitting time this week, but hopefully they'll continue to progress. So I leave you with this artistic pic with socks posed on clean laundry. Hey, I work with what I have *G*


Sock in the Grass

Last night the first Sock-ret sock went to Carnegie Hall. How did it get there? ... Well, it was kind of carried in a bag while it's knitter walked so no, it didn't practice, practice, practice. It also did not get it's picture taken on stage because I didn't bring the camera and felt self-conscious about taking out the cell phone. Next time. The sock did get to hear Maxim Vengarov and had a wonderful time. It had such a good time that now it is just a cuff. Oh, that's it's mate ...The second Sock-ret sock went on a bike ride and hung out on the grass in Central Park for a while progressing from just a ball of yarn to a full fledged cuff. It expects to get close to a heel by next weekend.


Yummy Chocolaty Socks

I finished my S'mores socks this week. The yarn is very soft and squishy. They feel wonderful to wear.

The yarn is Knitpicks sock yarn, in the S'mores colorway. The pattern is from Sensational Knitted socks.

There are more photos on my blog.

I have two other pairs on the needles. Both are basic stockinette socks. I'm just loving the look of a simple sock right now. The stockinette shows off varigated yarns so nicely.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Approaching the finish

Well, with Socktoberfest activities, I've redirected my knitting into my socks :)
I'm fast approaching the end, with maybe a few more rounds to go before the toe decreases.

Question for you all who do top down socks (I rarely do, because I have such a hard time figuring out the whole fitting part, I love being able to try on my socks as I go) - Do you do your measuring by putting the sock on? Or by estimating it against your foot by pulling the knitting tight (tight enough for the fabric to be laying flat, but not really stretched out).

These socks will be my 4th pair - and my 2nd pair of cuff to toe...the first pair are just a mite short, but still wearable.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


They Ride Again!

It has been quite a while since the socks took a bike ride so today they grabbed me and dragged me out the door. Here one is enjoying the view of Long Island City from a park just south of the United Nations.

And here it is waiting for goodies to be brought out from Chocolate Haven. It quickly jumped back in to the fanny pack when the chocolate ice cream sandwich came out.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Extreme Knitting Experiment

In honor of Soctoberfest and learning something new, I gave double knitting a try...

And I decided to make not a sock for me, but for my iPod instead.

Bigger photos, etc on my blog(s).

The Nasturium Leftover Socks are still on the needles and I hope to finish them as a part of Soctoberfest!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Second Socks

I finished this sock on Saturday morning. I'm not knitting the second one, only because someone else is. I loved knitting it, even if it did give me lots of fits with frequent dropped stitches. I think Magic Loop would prevent that since I was dropping one YO at the end of a dpn about every few rounds.

This sock is my current in progress sock. Again, I am only knitting one of the pair. I received the already knit mate in the mail a few days ago, along with the yarn and needles to make this one, and some sweet goodies to snack on while I knit. I'm very much enjoying this knit as well, even though this sock is not even a fraternal twin to its mate, more like a kissing cousin, I guess. Same yarn, same needles, same pattern but apparently my gauge is much different from that of the knitter who started this pair. This is the sock she knit.

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