Saturday, January 13, 2007



A partial skein of a hand painted Wildfoote was enuff to do the tops, heels and toes of latest pair of Monstersockens. I used up a bunch of odds & sods, little bits that aren't enuff to do a square in my afghan. Had them done last Sunday but a big winter storm knocked out my internet, just got it back up and running last night.

Wild & crazy Monstersockens are just more of the odds, using up each small ball then reaching into bag without looking and getting another small ball. Should finish first sock tomorrow while watching Sunday football.

Oh, my gosh -- those are wonderful, wonderful!!! What happy socks!!! I just love them! Nice job!
I love your socks, (the monsters and the wraffels especially)and it's a very good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerda, sitting in a rainy Holland
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what a great idea, and what fun socks!
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