Saturday, January 12, 2008


The Stoopid Socks

After finishing 5 pr for Maggie started a pair for another friend and finished first sock before realizing I had used stitch count for Maggie's socks, no way would they fit Sheila, thus the stoopid sock was born, started another sock and got down to last dec and discovered I didn't have enuff stitches on this one either, so now forever called the 'even dumber' sock. Then did Sheila's socks (counting 3 times), now have finished the second stoopid sock (will go in gift basket for Xmas 08), back on the needles now is the 'even dumber' sock, this pair will have a solid colored foot instead of patterns all the way to the toe. And I will I think keep this pair to remind me that I ain't beyond making major counting mistakes.

Lynne, how do I get on the list for a pair of those awesome socks!! :)
Amazing colors; all of them look fabulous.
Lynne, super socks. I promote a free listing. I would like to put a thumbnail of your socks on the clothing page with a link back to you. Your blog or your website. Also if you want to offer instructions on making these, a listing on the crafts page. Please email or blog.

Thanks for the offer to link to my blog, but right now I am a bit burned out with making socks for sale, kind of in a different space right now.
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