Saturday, January 12, 2008


The Stoopid Socks

After finishing 5 pr for Maggie started a pair for another friend and finished first sock before realizing I had used stitch count for Maggie's socks, no way would they fit Sheila, thus the stoopid sock was born, started another sock and got down to last dec and discovered I didn't have enuff stitches on this one either, so now forever called the 'even dumber' sock. Then did Sheila's socks (counting 3 times), now have finished the second stoopid sock (will go in gift basket for Xmas 08), back on the needles now is the 'even dumber' sock, this pair will have a solid colored foot instead of patterns all the way to the toe. And I will I think keep this pair to remind me that I ain't beyond making major counting mistakes.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


1st pair in 08

Real Monstersocks, had problems picking up stitches for afterthought heel on black, will never do that again. Used up lots of odds & sods. Still have enuff to do a couple more pair.

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